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Through an understanding of the transaction and collaboration, we are able to identify the duty issues. Once identified we can manage the outcome to ensure an efficient and correct duty outcome.


Over 40 years experience in the industry. Trusted nationally by top tier companies.

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Knowledge, Experience & Skill

Knowledge, Experience & Skill

Know the Law
Each Jurisdiction has different legislation and principles. Multinational transactions may attract duty in each state.
We manage compliance needs under the legislation to ensure that all relevant lodgements and submissions are made by the relevant due dates.
Review and structure
Often our task is to review the intended structure to seek the best outcome from a duty perspective. Duty can depend on the nature of the transaction.
Once the correct duty outcome has been determined, it is necessary to manage the process through the Revenue Office

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National experience

Shaun Garlick, Principal at Shaun Garlick &Co has 40 plus years at government, big  4, and industry practice level.

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Knowing Duty well has enabled us to ensure that  the best and correct duty outcome is achieved by finding the correct structure to work within the duty regime.

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We Offer a Wide
Variety Services Dealing with the Revenue Office

Structure Management

How a transaction is achieved may attract duty more than others. We whiteboard proposed structures and discuss the duty implications and make suggestions to better manage the risks.

Payment Arrangements with Revenue

We work within Government guidelines to implement a payment arrangement, typically so that a debt can be paid over time.


A transaction, whether completed or not is likely to require assessment, some transactions are self assessed based, for example Landholder duty. We review and ensure the requirements under the legislation are met,

Land Tax

Our experience also extends to Land Tax and in particular the relevant exemptions available or challenging the basis of valuations and grouping.

Objections/ Reviews

It is necessary at times to challenge an assessment. We have been successful in many objections lodged and can assist if you are not satisfied with the assessment. At times a request for review may be a more efficient step.


Whilst duty may be payable, an exemption may also exist. We know which exemptions may apply and what the rules are.

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Let's work together to achieve the correct Duty outcome!

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Duty management
We work with business and listed Mining Companies to assist in meeting their duty obligations or alternatively structuring in a duty effective manner and working within the legislation.
Accounting / Law Firms
We maintain close association with many leading accounting and Law firms to provide the backend support and use our experience and knowledge to help, or we can liaise directly with the client on the specialty of Duty.